Actor Demo Reels

Take your craft and career to the next level. Create a compelling showpiece of your work!
Dwight Harrison Studio Produced Reel.
Roy Eum Studio Produced Reel.
Jennie Raymond Studio Edited Reel.
48 Hour Acting Bootcamp Reel.
Athena Park 48 HR Bootcamp Scene.
Hugh Mann 48 HR Bootcamp Scene.
Daniel Rheaume studio produced Reel.
Kearsten Johansson studio produced Reel.
Daniel Pupella Reel edited from footage.
Sean Rey Reel edited from footage.
Scott Davidson 48 Hour Bootcamp Scene.
Sandy Diaz 48 Hour Bootcamp Scene.
Adam Tomlinson Reel edited from footage
Grace Munro Reel from in class work.
Brad Milne Reel edited from footage.
Why Create Your Own Demo Reel

Whether your in the early stage of your career, or are seasoned and wanting to show the industry a new side of you. The Demo Reel in all it’s forms is one of the most important calling cards for presenting your work to the industry.

Intensive Training

Be fully immersed in script analysis, foundation training, scene study, character development, and perfecting camera skills, all focused toward knocking your on-camera work out of the park!

Multiple Ways to Participate
  • Customizable options for acting training
  • Lead actor of your demo reel
  • Supporting actor in fellow-student reels
  • Create, adapt or choose remake scenes
  • Create, adapt or choose remake monologues.

Students creating demo reels are responsible for wardrobe, props, hair, make-up, location scouting, and casting of their scenes. We coordinate with and completely support you through this process. Studio code of conduct requires punctuality and commitment. Enrolling in classes at Milne Studio requires that you read and adhere to our studio Policy. Please review that webpage @ Milne Studio Policy. Looking forward to working with you! All demo reel student clients receive access to our studio Actors eGuide.