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Milne Studio offers virtual classes online

Online classroom

Today’s technologies have made a profound transformation on the world of education. Virtual learning over video conferencing systems and the internet has become increasingly common. To support our traveling faculty, we have incorporated a virtual classroom.

This technology enables classes to be taught through a two-way hi-definition e-learning center. Through this digital highway, students will have access to classes and coaching on a daily basis. Over Skype the instructor, from a remote is projected in the classroom on a high definition large screen and all interaction occurs at real-time. Exercises and performance work will be recorded and uploaded online and made accessible for student review and ongoing study.

Virtual Highway

This technology also connects actors and filmmakers directly with other market. Events such as: casting director workshops, agent/manager workshops, producer/director workshops will be made available to our local talent through online video conferencing. Through these virtual workshops local artists will have the opportunity to sit in with some of the world’s top acting and film professionals and they’ll also get to meet them!