• E. I. C. - Entertainment Industry Coalition
  • ELECTRICIAN - In film, crew members who place lighting instruments, focus, gel and maneuver the lights.
  • EMPLOYER OF RECORD (EOR) - The company responsible for employment taxes, unemployment benefits and workers compensation coverage.
  • ENCODING - Converting a digital file, usually audio or video, into a specific format. Ie: MP3, AVI, MOV etc.
  • EQUITY - Actors Equity Association (see AEA, BAE , CAEA and MEAA) Union representing stage actors.
  • EQUITY WAIVER - In Los Angeles, 99-seat (or less) theatres which were otherwise professional, over which Equity waived contract provisions under certain circumstances. Now officially called “Showcase code”, the term “Equity waiver” is still used informally.
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - Person responsible for funding the production
  • EXT. (Exterior) - A scene shot outside.
  • EXTRA - Background performer, used only in non-principal roles.

Film Terms Glossary –San Antonio Film Academy

  • Ear (also known as a “Sider”): To put a flag up on the side of a lighting unit to block light.
  • Edison Plug: An ordinary household plug with two flat blades and a ground pin.