• FICA - Social Security taxes (Federal Insurance Corporation of America).
  • FIELD REP. - Union staff member who ensures contractual compliance on sets
  • FIRST A.D. - First Assistant Director; person responsible for the running of the set. Gives instructions to crew and talent, including calling for “first team,” “quiet,” “rehearsal,” and “take five.”
  • FIRST ASS’T. CAMERA OP. - First Assistant Camera Operator is responsible for focusing the camera lens during the shooting of a scene; also known as the Focus Puller.
  • FIRST TEAM - The production term for the principal actors in a scene.
  • 4-A’s – Associated Actors and Artistes of America; umbrella organization for SAG, AFTRA, Equity and other performers’ Unions.
  • FORCED CALL - A call to work less than 12 hours after dismissal on the previous day. See TURNAROUND.
  • FOREGROUND CROSS - Action in a scene in which an Extra Performer passes between the camera and the principal actors; sometimes called a “wipe”.
  • FX (Effects) - Special Effects.

Film Terms Glossary –San Antonio Film Academy

  • FAY: A 650 watt PAR light with daylight balance dichroic fliter.
  • Feather: Moving a ‘flag’ closer to or further away from a light source that it is in front of will feather (soften/harden) the shadow on the surface upon which the light falls.
  • Filter: A material having the ability to absorb certain wavelengths of light and transmit others.
  • Fingers: Small flags used to control light.
  • Focus Pull: The refocusing of a lens during a shot to keep a moving subject in focus or to change the person or object of attention
  • Foley: Creating sound effects by watching picture and mimicking the action
  • Frame Rate:The frequency at which film or video frames run (i.e. 24 fps; 29.97 Hz in NTSC; 25 Hz in PAL European format).
  • Fresnel: A stepped convex lens. It is most commonly used to describe tungsten-incandescent lamps.