• GAFFER - The Chief Electrician.
  • GOLDEN TIME - Contractually called 16 Hour Rule Violation for Extra Performers, is overtime, after the 16th hour, paid in units of one full day per hour.
  • GRIPS - Members of the film crew who are responsible for moving set pieces, lighting equipment, dolly track and other physical movement of equipment.

Film Terms Glossary –San Antonio Film Academy

  • Gaffer: The chief lighting technician for a production who is in charge of the electrical department.
  • Gobo: A grip head or “C” stand head used as a clamping device for holding other equipment.
  • Grifflon (Griff): A durable material made of three ply high density rubber. The material is attached within a frame and used as either a soft reflector of sunlight or cut or soften direct sun. It generally comes in three sizes: 6′ X 6′, 12′ x 12′, and 20′ x 20′.
  • Grip Tape: This is Duct tape style tape, also known as gaffer’s tape or cloth tape.