• MARK - The exact position(s) given to an actor on a set to insure that he/she is in the proper light and camera angle; generally marked on the ground with tape or chalk.
  • MARKER! - A verbal cue that the take has been identified on camera both verbally and with the slate board.
  • MASTER SHOT - A camera shot that includes the principal actors and relevant background activity; generally used as a reference shot to record the scene from beginning to end before shooting close-ups, over-the-shoulders, etc.
  • MATCHING ACTIONS - The requirement that the actor match the same physical movements in a scene from take to take in order to preserve the visual continuity.
  • MEAA - Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (Australia)
  • MEAL PENALTY - A fee paid by the producer for the failure to provide meals or meal breaks as specified by the contract.
  • MIXER - Chief of the sound crew; responsible for the quality of the sound recording on a shoot.
  • MODEM - A device that converts digital signals from a computer or other digital device, into a form that can be transmitted across copper wires. It also re-converts them when received from another device.
  • MOS (Mit Out Sound/Motion Only Shot) - Any shot without dialogue or sound recording. Also sometimes called S.O.C. , silent on-camera.
  • M.O.W. - Movie of the week

Film Terms Glossary –San Antonio Film Academy

  • Mater: A small adjustable clamp with a baby stud which can be interchanged with a variety of accessories.
  • Maxi-Brute: A 9 light unit with (9) 1000 watt PAR 64 lights.
  • Mickey (also known as a Redhead ): An open faced 1K lighting unit.