• OFF-CAMERA (OC or OS) - Dialogue delivered without being on screen.
  • OPERATING SYSTEM - The group of programs that allows users to interact with a computer. Primarily Microsoft Windows, Mac OS or Linux.
  • OUT OF FRAME - An actor outside the camera range.
  • “OUT” TIME - The actual time when you are released after you have changed out of wardrobe and make- up.
  • OVER-THE-SHOULDER - A shot over the shoulder of one actor, focusing entirely on the face and upper torso of the other actor in a scene; generally shot in pairs so both actors expressions can later be edited together.
  • OVERDUBBING - In studio singing or voice work, the process of laying one soundtrack over another.
  • OVERTIME (OT) - Work extending beyond the contractual work day.

Film Terms Glossary –San Antonio Film Academy

  • Obie: An eyelight mounted on the camera. Commonly used when shooting documentaries or reality TV.