• RESIDUAL - The fee paid to a performers for rebroadcast of a commercial, film or TV program
  • RESUME - List of credits, usually attached to an 8×10 or composite.
  • REWRITE - Changes in the script, often using color-coded pages to indicate most current version.
  • RIGHT-TO-WORK-STATES - Those states which do not honor certain union provisions.
  • ROLLING! - The verbal cue for the camera film and audio tape to start rolling.
  • ROLL OVER - The term “Roll Over” or “Turn Over” is the verbal cue given by the Director for the camera operator and audio tape to start rolling.
  • ROOM TONE - A sound recording (sometimes made upon completion of a scene) to record existing noise at the location. Also called “wild track”.

Film Terms Glossary –San Antonio Film Academy

  • Rim: A hard backlight, is generally on the same level as the subject, that casts more light than the key light.
  • Riser: (1) A cylindrical metal device placed betwen the dolly head and the camera base to raise the camera. (2) A pre-built platform used to raise the set, camera, or lights.
  • Room Tone: The “noise” of a room, set or location where dialog is recorded during Production. Used by film and dialog editors as a “bed” to form a continuous tone through a particular scene. This is often confused with ambience, which might be sound effects and/or reverberation added when the dialog is mixed.