• TAFT-HARTLEY - A federal statute which allows 30 days after first employment before being required to join a Union.
  • TAKE - The clapboard indication of a shot “taken” or printed.
  • “TAKE 5″ - The announcement of periodic five minute breaks.
  • T.A.M.A.C. - Talent Agents and Managers’ Association of Canada
  • TELEPROMPTER - The brand name of a device which enables a broadcaster to read a script while looking into the camera lens.
  • THEATRICAL - TV shows or feature film work, as opposed to commercials.
  • THREE BELLS! - An audible warning for QUIET because a scene is about to be filmed.
  • TIGHT SHOT (Go in Tight) - Framing of a shot with little or no space around the central figure(s) of feature(s); usually a close-up.
  • TILT - The up and down movement of a camera.
  • TIME-AND-A-HALF - Overtime payment of 1 1/2 times the hourly rate.
  • TMA - Talent Managers Association (Los Angeles based)
  • TRACKING SHOT - A shot taken while the camera is moving, either on a dolly or a mounted on a moving vehicle.
  • TRADES – Short for “trade papers” - The newspapers and periodicals such as the Hollywood Reporter and Variety that specifically feature information on the entertainment industry.
  • TREATMENT - Longer version of a Synopsis of a story for a film. More detailed outline of the plot, characters, high points of a film.
  • TURNAROUND - (a) The number of hours between dismissal one day and call time the next day. (b) To shoot a scene from another direction.
  • TWO-SHOT - A camera framing two persons.

Film Terms Glossary –San Antonio Film Academy

  • Trombone: A tubular, extending device which is generally used for suspending lights from set walls.
  • Turtle: A flat, on the floor mount, for large lights with a junior receiver.