"Before taking classes with Brad Milne, I found breaking down scripts to be rather difficult. I worried too much about what the director would be looking for rather than what I had to offer. It made auditioning pretty nerve racking. Brad has taught me how to use myself as a basis for breaking down scripts and approaching lines. His method has made a difference in how I now approach: script breakdown, memorization of lines, emotions, and has even lessened the nervousness I feel when auditioning. Actually just before I wrote this I just came out of an audition where the director told me that I definitely have a part in the project. I’m also going to be signing up for more classes with Brad. "
~ Colin Edwards, Toronto Actor
"I started working with Brad at Milne Acting Studios November 2015 and in just a few short months later my acting career has improved quite drastically. At the time currently seeking representation, Brad was able to have my work reviewed by several agents in Toronto until I met my current agent who I am thrilled and extremely proud to be represented by. This makes it clear he goes above and beyond to help his students not only sharpen their acting skills in class but also lend his experience and industry connections to assist with career development. In the classroom Brad creates a trusting, comfortable environment to explore and create intricate characters with the freedom to go outside your comfort zone and succeed or fail with confidence and grace. He takes his time working with each student at their current level of capabilities to help them grow and stretch their playing range and skill sets. I’ve also had the opportunity to have private coaching and self-tape work done at Milne Studios which I’m happy to say has led to booking parts! His self-tapes can best be described as mini-movies. With his fully equipped studio, lighting & sound gear, the tapes come out looking and sounding as though you shot a scene from the film you’re submitting to. This creates a self-tape that helps the actor stand out and make a bold statement when you can’t be in the room with the casting directors to wow them with your obvious wit and charm, haha. I’ve seen actors do some of their strongest and most compelling work inside Milne Acting Studios. "
~ Kearsten Johansson, Toronto Actress
"The best self-tape in Toronto, bar none! Compelling, high-definition, showing the actor at their very best! I would send my actors nowhere else … except when Brad is out of town "
~ Kate Kellner, TGA.
"Brad has helped my daughter Michaela, so much. ( she had no background in acting ) They worked for a few months and the progress was remarkable. He prepped her for a leading role in movie called Ice Girls, and within 7 months she was accepted for the role [$2 million + ACTRA Feature, Ice Girls]. Brad shows a real interest for his student’s success and give everything of himself and more! When working with his students, he is extremely committed. He breaks down the work completely to give his students a full understanding. Brad is a remarkable and kind person, my daughter enjoyed every second of his lessons and we look forward to continue working with him in the future! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much Brad! – Ina. "
~ Ina du Toit
"I can’t praise for Brad enough and his teachings and techniques. As a professional working in this business for 27 years, in Mexico as well as the US, I’m always looking for improvement. But after so many years working in Radio, Voice Dubbing, TV and commercials, on and off camera, I felt as if something was missing, a sensitivity that I had when I started in theater back in 1982, and I was looking for a way to retrieve that, but I couldn’t. Now, it is said that when the student is ready, the Master appears. And boy did he appear! With Brad I have been able to reach deep down into my soul and find the essence that made me fall in love with acting and become an actor when I was very young, it was always there, but I needed someone with his amazing talent and expertise to see it and help me reach it and go places within myself I couldn’t have imagined. Brad, I can´t thank you enough buddy for helping me rediscover my “old self” and bring it back, a bit dusted and rusty but ready to learn and improve as it was 30 years ago. Thank you so much for reminding me that, in the end, deep inside, we are still kids who love to play pretend…even if we need to get a bit serious from time to time. "
~ Alejandro Vargas Lugo, Actor, Voice Over Artist
"Brad Milne’s classes have been an immeasurable boon to my acting career, and my life. I was quite skeptical about his method when I first started taking lessons with him; and despite the fact that I found them to be refreshingly relaxed and enjoyable, I only took a few lessons before stopping for a few months, and, in fact, questioning whether or not I wanted to continue acting at all. It was only when I finally decided to start taking some more classes with him that I came to grasp the full depth and power of his method. I learned how acting can be a truly self-expressive, and even philosophical, art form. It completely rekindled my love of the art. In addition to the effectiveness of the method, Brad is himself an incredibly supportive coach and teacher, always going out of his way to further the career of his students, and very obviously motivated purely by the love of acting, and of passing on that love to others. It was he who introduced me to my agent, and through his tireless efforts to make me a better actress that I just recently booked a principal role in my first ACTRA feature film (The Void). I can’t recommend his studio highly enough. "
~ Grace Munro / Toronto Actress
"I had the privilege to work with Brad Milne for about eight months, Brad is extremely committed to help you achieve your goals, he genuinely cares and really puts in all his effort. He makes every moment enjoyable. He coached and prepped me for a leading role in a movie and before then I had no experience in acting, other than the odd school play. After only a few months of his amazing coaching I got a call confirming I had the role. He really broke down my character and I felt fully prepared once shooting started. I will continue to work with Brad in the future and I hope other actors and actresses will have the privilege to work with Brad and get to experience his amazing knowledge of the art. His classes are truly something special. I can never say thank you enough! All the best Brad, Michaela. "
~ Michaela du Toit / Toronto Actress
"I would highly recommend training your acting chops with Brad Milne. He is an honest, humble, hard-charging and experienced actor with the gift of teaching by leading from the front. "
~ David Robbins, U.S. Actor with A&M Talent House
"Brad Milne’s passion for the art of acting makes him one of the most outstanding acting coaches in Texas! I heartily recommend his classes and feel we are most fortunate to have an acting coach of his caliber! "
~ Diana Sneckner, Avant Agency
"Brad Milne is one of the most dynamic teachers I’ve seen in my twenty years in the business "
~ Priscilla Condra, Condra Artista Agency
"Had the most amazing and fun time in Brad Milne 48 hour acting boot camp. Made 7 new friends, and learned so much about myself as an actor, artist, and human being I truly never knew was inside me. Now bring on an audition so I can get in front of a camera and show ya’ll what I discovered… "
~ Willie Bowen – 48 Hour Acting Bootcamp
"I took Brad’s 48 hour Acting boot camp a few weeks ago and I highly recommend it. The preparation, coaching, direction, and shooting of a monologue helped me book the lead roll on a pilot. Brad takes actors to places they had no idea they could reach. Well done! I especially recommend his training for actors who take their careers seriously. "
~ David Flannigan, U.S. Actor
"Brad understands that no one actor is the same, consistently finding inventive ways to adapt his approach to something that works and makes sense to you, the individual. Not only that, but he never shy’s away at the opportunity to help his students’ careers beyond the page! Overall great guy and mentor, it’s always a pleasure working with Brad! "
~ Marco Sasso – Private Coaching / Ongoing Acting Intensive – Toronto
"If you’re looking for a great family oriented studio to work on your craft, without a doubt Id suggest Milne Studio. Having graduated from university with a civil law degree, I lack knowledge and experience in the industry, contrarily I have always had a high level of admiration for actors throughout my entire life (as cliche as that sounds) with aspirations to become one. Of course for many taking a leap of faith in this difficult and intricate industry, takes a lot of courage, but more than courage, right guidance. Brad has taken interest in me becoming an actor before I even took the steps necessary. In little time he has been able to help me develop truthfulness, spontaneity from moment to moment, and understanding the script in perspectives I couldn’t possibly fathom. From preparation to the final delivery, Brad spends time (99% of the time going over class time) on each individual actor to ensure development and growth. Additionally, he’s very understanding of the career path we have chosen and understands that budgeting is excruciatingly difficult thus, making classes affordable as well as simple to pay for. Every actor must find their own coach that they can learn and grow with until they move on. Brad has been extraordinarily insightful, captivating and pushy (when need be) to help me better myself daily. If you’re willing to put in the work, he’s willing to go the extra mile. Come audit check it out for yourself! (I don’t mean to sound like an advertisement) see you soon! "
~ Dana Abraham / Ongoing Acting Intensive – Toronto
"Brad thank you for your energetic style challenging us to honour the script, to find the truth in every scene, provoking us to make strong choices, to take risks and huge leaps of faith. To feel all the dark things in life that we most times deny, to unlock our subconscious, get out of our head and step into our heart. To break those personal glass walls, to cry and become more vulnerable, to listen to each other, their story, a compassionate insight into the human experience. To confront our fears and hurl ourselves wholeheartedly into the scene which translated into empowered work. You are an incredibly passionate, enthusiastic and focused Coach and we are grateful for your dedication. Milne Acting Studio is a nurturing place for Actors to grow in their craft. Cheers!!! "
~ Coral Johnson – 48 Hour Acting Bootcamp & Classes
"Brad recently worked with my daughter for a very important call –back she had for a large role in a film. Brad helped her to transform the lines on the page into words the character would have reason to express. He made her feel comfortable with a difficult scene and with her confidence in herself and with the message the film portrays. As a parent I was relieved to actually see her work and know that she was ready to go into the audition with confidence, not only knowing her lines but also knowing her character. We are happy to say she booked the role and can’t wait for the journey it will take us on now. Thank you Brad for taking the time to work with us on this project! "
~ Shawn Jackett, Toronto Talent Agent
"Brad was wonderful to work with! He made me feel comfortable and confident during my self test and was completely focused on being present for our work together. He made sure the lighting and sound were perfect, and was a great, generous reader too. My agent and I felt confident sending the US Pilot self test to LA. "
~ Silvina D’Alessandro, Toronto Actress
"I’ve had the pleasure of participating in Brad’s Ongoing Actor Intensives as well as the 48-hour Acting Bootcamp and would highly recommend both! Brad’s wonderful PERGE technique provides a thoughtful method to deconstruct and interpret the material. He then combines bodywork/character improv/scene study to help you find a unique and honest voice/POV for that character. It’s an amazing journey and I am grateful to have found such an inspiring and caring coach in Brad! "
~ Aliya Kanani, Toronto Actress
"I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with Brad Milne, hw is someone who is completely invested in the development and progression of his students. I have had the privilege of training with various instructors in Toronto, but I can most certainly say that I consider Brad the best instructor in the city. He has a technique that is unique and one that allows for the creation of rich characters. PERGE is a technique that simplifies the process of creating a character and allow’s the actors to really narrow down their focus points, while eliminating all the internal noise through the use of breathing and energy exercises. I would recommend Brad’s class to every actor who has the desire of starting an acting career and of continuously growing as an actor. It’s the best training you’ll find in the city. "
~ Hannad Afzal, Toronto Actor
"I think Brad’s acting technique is absolutely brilliant. What I experienced in the last class I had never before. My goal is to have acting as a lifestyle. Not just a hobby or practice but to have it present every day. It’s become my perception of my universe and I want to be present, active listening with goals, relationships 24/7. With this being said, I feel Brad’s teachings are getting me there. The class gave me a high without drinking or drugs. It was the first time I really felt comfortable being extremely uncomfortable living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. "
~ Jenna Sedran, Toronto Actress
"As an aspiring actor it is very important to be able to connect with your coach and feel that his or her best interest is in your success, comfort and accomplishment. Before meeting Brad I had worked with various coaches, but something was always missing, such passion or the willingness to understand my boundaries and pushing me to break them. I have found other people to put the money above everything rather than the needs of the students. Working with Brad helped me bring out emotions that I really was convinced did not exist in me. Through this I was able to break not only personal, but professional barriers. The activities we did leading up to our shoots helped me focus and yet be detached from the emotions I was portraying on screen. I feel blessed and thankful to have met someone with such great work ethic, dedication and positive input in my dreams. I hope to grow in my craft with Brads guidance as all the tools provided by him are essential in understanding and becoming a character. "
~ Sunandini Verma, Toronto Actress
"Where do I even begin… I’ve taken acting classes from many coaches over the last 12 years and Brad Milne is the best coach I’ve ever had – BY FAR. Brad is a gifted actor with many years of experience and success in the business and his methods bring out the best in every student he teaches. I was a pretty decent actor before I started taking classes with Brad five months ago. But I’d hit a wall with my progress. My confidence had been shaken and I put up some pretty high walls that were getting in the way of my work. I felt the walls start to come down during my very first class at Milne Studio. Brad creates a safe environment and helps you reach emotional depths you never realized were possible – and then he gives you the tools to reach those depths outside of the classroom. I recently took his 48 Hour Acting Bootcamp and the piece of work I produced on the last day is the best work I’ve ever done. The camp is basically months of classes rolled into one weekend and the progress you’ll make is incredible. It’s intense but SO much fun!! You’ll wish you could go to this bootcamp every weekend! Seriously. ?  I’ve never made more progress than I have while studying with Brad Milne. My confidence has not only been restored, it’s growing by leaps and bounds. I can’t say this enough – Best. Coach. Ever. "
~ Vanessa Cook, U.S. Actress
"This was my first acting class, and I am glad my first was with Brad. I was a bit apprehensive when I enrolled but knew it was the perfect fit the moment I walked in the door. Brad presents a down to earth and professional demeanor in his classes, and his PERGE method is a fantastic building block approach to character and script breakdown in creating an authentic performance. As a retired military officer/pilot and 3 time combat veteran with over 27 years of service I am a no-nonsense, get to the point sort of person and not a big fan of the touchy-feely – Brad had the perfect blend of both! I want my daughters to attend his class even if it’s just for the life experience! Forget the five– Make it 6 STARS! "
~ Robert T. Yarborough – 48 Hour Acting Bootcamp
"Brad is amazing at what he does, which is acting, and helping other actors become better actors. I would highly recommend him to anybody serious with taking their acting careers to the next level. Best acting coach I’ve worked with! "
~ Alex Poncio, U.S. Actor – Grown Ups 2
"Brad is an amazing instructor. I learned so much from his classes and continue to use “Perge.” He brings out the best actor/actress in you. Thank you Brad and team!! "
~ Lisa Valdez – Texas Actress
"What an amazing experience this was! Great lessons from a great coach! Thank you Brad and all the other students. "
~ Mary Becquet, Texas Actress
"For a long time I resisted the idea of taking acting classes – I felt I had some basic talent and didn’t want to fill my head with a bunch of “theory” and “method.” But when I wanted to take my craft to the next level, I knew I needed to get coaching, and let me tell you – I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Brad has extensive experience in the acting world, and has studied with dozens of the best coaches. It’s clear from the moment you step in that he’s committed to helping each student reach his or her potential. His approach is customizable. What you get is a set of tools that you can use to take your acting to the next level. Since I started using the PERGE technique, there is no doubt that my auditions have been better, I feel more confident about my choices, and my bookings have gone way up. Whatever level actor you may be – from newbie to professional, I highly recommend Brad to help you achieve your acting goals! "
~ Jeff Brody, U.S. Actor
"It’s been awhile since I’d done any acting and having a full-time job on second shift doesn’t make it possible for me to really be involved in performing anymore. I saw the info for the 48 hour bootcamp here and thought it would be perfect to help me get back into performing. I was more than impressed with the structure and professionalism level of the course as well as Brad’s ability and the desire he has to push people to their performing limits to make them better actors and actresses. 5/5, I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about performing, in any manner, and to those who are trying to improve their ability to open up and communicate better with people. "
~ Texas Richard Campa, Texas Actor
"The workshop was amazing! I can’t wait for the next round, I have learned so much. Such an amazing experience."
~ Stephanie Carlisle, Toronto Actress
"Being inside the classroom with a handful of gifted actors, including Brad Milne himself, is like traveling to an entirely separate world. Nothing matters but the events that take place inside of you. Brad makes sure each actor goes home with something they didn’t bring with them. "
~ Mason Schuler, Texas Actor
"A brilliant one-day intensive. I learned a lot in such a brief amount of time. I’m looking forward to the next gathering to continue applying what was learned! It was brilliant working with everyone there! "
~ Jordan Stal, Toronto Actor
"Brads One Day Intensive Acting Workshop workshop was absolutely amazing! He helped me overcome so many fears and was very encouraging! I also learned great techniques to help me in the future. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is interested in acting. "
~ Saffara Kaefer, Toronto Actress
"Brad is a great teacher and coach. I took his two-day workshop just for the hell of it. I thought I might learn something that would be useful to me in business, but the reason I signed up was that it sounded like an interesting way to spend a weekend. It was totally worth the money, and I’m going to take more of his workshops. "
~ Travis Lippert, Texas/Colorada Filmmaker Actor
"As I have told you before, if it hadn’t been for your acting classes and mentoring of Sydney, she would have never gotten into CalArts! "
~ Pam McDonald (Milne Studio Alumni, Sydney McDonald’s mom)
"It was an absolute pleasure working and learning from you this evening- you’re a master!"
~ Emma Moody, Denver Actress
"Brad coached Nicholas today for 3 hours and did the self-tape audition for two characters with him. He is truly gifted at getting the best out of the actor. Nicholas loved working with him and learned so much in a gentle and caring environment which helped bring Nicholas to the next level. "
~ Kerry-Lee Finkle (Milne Studio Student, Nicholas Finkle’s mom)
"I used some of the wonderful advice you gave us for a callback today, and I just wanted to say thank you again for the great words of wisdom. "
~ Gyana Bandy, Denver Actress
"I enjoyed the workshop a lot. I took some great notes and will definitely incorporate them into my actor’s toolbox! Thanks, Brad. "
~ Jennifer Wilde, Denver Actress
"San Antonio has long needed a good acting coach. Brad Milne has proven to take his students to a new level and his students have booked principal roles in Hollywood based feature films "
~ Tory Christopher, Tory Christopher International (TCI – former Hollywood producer)
"I strongly recommend Brad. Your acting skills will improve. I am going to have my daughter train with him."
~ Linda Alcazar, Condra Artista Talent Agency
"Brad, I want to take a moment to express my profound gratitude for your training. I told my agent, ‘I could not thank her enough for referring me to your class. My craft transcended because of your direction.’ You are an amazing soul and such a great coach, that my future success will be because of you. Thank You. "
~ Adam Alcazar, Texas Actor
"Brad Milne is more than an acting coach; he is a life coach and a friend. From the moment he meets you, he believes in you and when you work with him, you can’t help but shine. "
~ Rachel Pineda, Actress/Sports Television Professional, ESPN
"Brad Milne is more than an acting coach; he’s a motivator, friend, mentor, counselor, and innovator. He’s a genius when it comes to assessing what his students bring to the acting table–he then uses that assessment in pushing the right buttons to bring to surface the artist within each of us. He takes his craft very seriously, yet he knows how to have fun in the process. He is a coach among coaches. If you’re serious about acting, and want to not only get better at your acting craft but want to master it, then Brad’s San Antonio Film Academy is the place for you. "
~ Michael J Rodriguez, Actor, CFP®, CPM®, CRPC, FLMI
"Brad may very well be one of the most passionate and knowledgeable acting teacher to ever offer his incite in the Movie Industry….. If your really “serious” about doing film take his class! "
~ M. Allen Documentaries
"I was looking for a coach to help me with my professional business development. I have always been shy and uncertain in front of large groups of people, and no amount of corporate training and book reading was helping the problem. At last, I was fortunate to find Brad Milne – a terrific, passionate, dedicated and patient teacher – who is helping me to discover what it really means to communicate effectively. My first business presentation under his coaching was very successful, and I am looking forward to learning more from Brad. This is the best investment I made in myself. I am on a very exciting journey to discovering my true potential. You should try it – you wont’ be able to go back to your old self. "
~ Jenia S. Director at USAA
"Brad Milne’s unique coaching style has provided my two children with valuable advanced acting techniques they can use for both audition and performance in film and theatre. His personal attention and professional guidance to train and enhance each of their individual acting styles has made a profound difference in their abilities as young actors. Their approach to new material, the audition process and performance on a film set has greatly improved since working with Brad. His passion for theatre training is inspiring and it is exciting to witness children and even adults thriving in such a motivated and caring environment. "
~ Tracey Maurer, Producer
"Brad Milne’s passion for the art of acting makes him one of the most outstanding acting coaches in Texas! I heartily recommend his classes and feel we are most fortunate to have an acting coach of his caliber! "
~ Diana Sneckner, Avant Agency
"Brad Milne is one of the most dynamic teachers I’ve seen in my twenty years in the business "
~ Priscilla Condra, Condra Artista Agency
"With Brad’s expertise we are successfully building and deploying a video library that helps us educate, brand, market, sell, recruit, train and update our customer base, field reps and dealers around the globe "
~ Steve Villoira, CEO of MediaPOINTE
"We’re excited to be working with Brad as we expand the MediaPOINTE video library with updates and a planned slate of assorted infomercials, training and technical videos through 2010. Our overall response to the video series from venue owners, dealers, independent reps and customers has been outstanding. "
~ Bill Warnick, MediaPOINTE Marketing Director
"Brad is one of the most consummate and professional actors I’ve worked with. His character focus is outstanding, it drives the movie. "
~ Bob Carter, Writer-Director, “Dead in the Head”
"The first thing the campers said to me was ‘you gotta use him next year’. I find your passion evident in your enthusiastic lessons and after the buzz from the campers. "
~ Nichelle Rodriguez, Director, UCLA Actors Camp
"I don’t think I would have gotten any acting job without Brad’s training. "
~ Bob Perrill, Actor
"His tips and advice were wonderful.” “Outstanding! "
~ Texas Nonprofit Theatres Annual Youth Conference
"On the toughest of days during the tightest of scheduling Brad was always there for us. He is a dedicated professional and tireless worker who always brought a stellar performance to the scene. I look forward to working with Brad on the next one. And the next. "
~ Jay Lee, Writer-Director, “The Slaughter” and Sony Pictures “Zombie Strippers!
"Brad came in to do a cameo role and brought so much professionalism, he elevated the entire project. He’s our ace in the hole."
~ Dominic Ross, Director, R.E.M.
"Milne gives a vivid, stirring performance, expertly playing both the dark and light moments. "
~ Nocturne: D.L. Martin, Express-News
"The greatest compliment I can give any actor is that he is a total professional both as an artist and as a salesmen of his talents. I rate Brad Milne at the top of the list in each category. "
~ Vincent Chase, Vincent Chase Workshop
"Our new on-camera spokesperson Brad Milne delivers our message perfectly, resulting in excellent phone-in leads for our sales team."
~ Light Silver, CEO, Tax Incorporated
"I had one of those hunches about Brad, the same kind I had about Barbara Streisand, Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. And sure enough he has worked like a demon and is coming through. Ready for big roles now. "
~ Michael Shurtleff, Author of “Audition”
"Milne’s performance powers the play, and its a good one: His Yank is raw and hard to forget. "
~ The Hairy Ape: D.L. Martin, Express-News
"Brad has played leads in four of five movies for us. His relentless dedication to the craft has turned him into one of our favorite character lead actors. We recently cast him in a sixth film. "
~ Jalal Merhi, Film One Movies
"Milne sharply conveys how conflicted and frightened Louis is over Prior’s disease, adding dimension to the part. "
~ Angels in America: D.L. Martin, Express-News