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Experience Milne Studio's revolutionary acting system "In The Nouns". Use the power of your thoughts to make your strongest choices, amplify yourself, and ignite your performances and career.

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Adult Acting Classes

We teach the essentials; working on the actors instrument, comprehensive script analysis and character interpretation through to creating vivid rich roles. Milne Studio Acting Classes and actor coaching cater to beginners, newcomers, intermediates and advanced professional working actors. All enrolled students receive free demo reel media. Join our successful acting classes in Toronto where actors are immersed in acting coach Brad Milne's powerful acting technique, PERGE™. Our hard working actors frequently receive agent referrals that get them auditioning and working.

Our responsibility is to create characters that live the role in every way. We achieve this by making kinesthetic connections to every aspect of the role. Milne Studio Toronto actor training is designed to give you a broad base of fundamentals to strengthen your acting instrument and your interpretive skills. Creating roles succeeds and fails on the choices you make. We help you identify how to make the right choices.

Our classes pay off in many ways. Milne Studio Acting Classes and Production Studios have been preparing actors for professional success in studio and online since 1999. Brad's Toronto acting studio and online acting class program have delivered over 1250 classes to over 1250 actors in just 7 1/2 years since the opening of Milne Studio Toronto.

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Learn from the best acting coaches in Toronto.

Receive immersive and comprehensive homework

Be guided through essential foundations of acting, grow into a powerful performer

Connect truth and imagination to your work

Collect footage for your demo reel in every class 

Milne Acting Studio's three tier training exists to simplify your progression into becoming a working actor or to bolster and strengthen your already acting career that's already in motion. From beginners through experts we are there with you in each phase. For new comers to the studio and beginners the Level's I and II progression are essential to your development in order to reinforce the basics and give you a repeatable process to apply. For the experienced actor our online Level III training is a class you're welcome to apply for by submitting your most updated demo reel with your registration.

Acting - Level I

For beginners and newcomers to the studio. Learn Foundation Training and Script Interpretation techniques. Foundation work includes: breathing, energy, voice & movement, with some improv. Actors are individually worked with on camera getting detailed coaching in a recorded session that is delivered to you shortly after class. You will be assigned a minimum of two roles (monologues) for your six weeks. Taught in studio by Brad Milne. Six classes to complete Level I.

Acting - Level II

For intermediate level students that have completed Level I or equivalent:
- Minimum of two scenes assigned
- Scene Study on camera
- Emotional Athletics
- Cold Reads / Monologues
- Audition Conditioning
- Minimum two scenes assigned
- Create a demo reel
- Taught in person by Brad Milne and on Zoom by Jason Weinberg. Six classes to complete Level II.

Acting - Level III

Advanced students studying with the studio for 3 + months or having demonstrated skills:
- Minimum of two scenes assigned
- Scene Study on camera
- Emotional Athletics
- Cold Reads / Monologues
- Audition Conditioning
- Minimum Two scenes assigned
- Create a demo reel
- Taught in person by Brad Milne. This level is ongoing.

Training Day

Saturday – 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM

A comprehensive and in-depth investigation into Milne’s technique, PERGE; helping you effectively breakdown scripts, giving you stronger role prep and improved audition skills. We'll apply precise interpretive steps adding dimension to your roles.


You’ll engage in breathing, energy, voice, movement, interpersonal connection, improvisation, storytelling, monologues, scene study and performance exercises. By the end of the day you’ll be immersed in character and ready to play the role, with residue of the day’s work present until the next morning. Applying best practices greatly improves both acting and performance ability.

Shooting Day

Sunday – 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM

The Set – The day starts with a brief warm up (foundation and interpretation exercises) and discussion about pacing through a shoot day. Learning to connect and reconnect with your role is essential. In character and ready to play the role you’ll move into our on-camera environment. While directors love it when actors hit it on the first take, we’re often called upon to repeat a scene or parts of a scene several times for coverage. Actors have to be ready.

The Performance – Time to step into the ring. Like any sport or engagement, proper preparation is critical to your success. The same applies in acting: we must precisely prepare for the part, make the focus of the work the back, front, top, bottom and all the sides of the role, then trust that we can let the prep go and live in the present, breathing quietly in our bodies on screen. Your performance will be professionally shot then mastered and delivered to you via Vimeo.

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Please review our studio policy page to familiarize yourself with out policies and code of conduct that help maintain a high level of professionalism for your training and a safe space for you to explore your art. Policy Page.

Class Packs

Class Packs provide a convenient way to protect your investment in your classes and ongoing training.

Weekly Class Packs: To to be attended in consecutive weeks for consistent learning and growth. We provide makeup classes with the weekly class packs. Please refer to our Studio Policy Page to fully understand the time-frame of your class pack and all other Milne Studio policies.

Open Class Packs: These class packs can be used for a period of one year from the date of the first class used in the your class pack.



4-class pack: $340.00 + 44.20 HST = $384.20

6-class pack: $487.00 + 63.31 HST = $550.31 - 2.50 % savings off 4-pac

8-CLASS PACK: $646.00 + 83.98 HST = $729.98 - 5.00 % savings off 4-pack

10-CLASS PACK: $786.00 + 102.18 HST = $888.18 - 7.50 % savings off 4-pack

12-CLASS PACK: $918.00 + 119.34 HST = $1037.34 - 10.00 % savings off 4-pack



4-class pack: $380.00 + 49.40 HST = $429.40

6-class pack: $540.00 + 70.20 HST = $610.20 - 2.50 % savings off 4-pack

8-CLASS PACK: $715.00 + 92.95 HST = $807.95 - 5.00 % savings off 4-pack

10-CLASS PACK: $870.00 + 113.10 HST = $983.10 - 7.50 % savings off 4-pack

12-CLASS PACK: $1015.00 + 131.95 HST = $1146.95 - 10.00 % savings off 4-pack


Enroll anytime, classes are ongoing YEAR ROUND

Gain access to the Milne Studio Actor Guide, an online tool which outlines our studio method and approach to the craft, and business, for easy access and study. Learn PERGE™, Brad Milne's interpretive method to break down material, which results in a deeply compelling, powerful choice-driven, strongly intentioned, authentic performance.

Your success is our goal

For year round convenience you can enroll and join classes at any time throughout the year. Our classes are offered in class packs of 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12. Make sure to review our student friendly class pack policy on our policy page. Classes in your class packs are meant to be attended in consecutive weeks. However we know life happens, at Milne Studio your class packs get you extra weeks to complete your classes if you miss a class. If you're feeling genuinely ill on the day of class with any kind of cold, flu or covid symptoms, so long as you message your coach early in the day you won't lose that class. When the studio is closed or the coach misses a day your class pack resumes at the next class. A very flexible way to train your acting craft and not lose money to a lost class while maintaining your training consistency week to week.

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Acting Classes Toronto

Whether you're staring out, already on the acting journey, or you're an advance Whether you're staring out, already on the acting journey, or you're an advanced he acting journey, or you're an advanced

Acting Classes Toronto

Whether you're staring out, already on the acting journey, or you're an advance Whether you're staring out, already on the acting journey, or you're an advanced he acting journey, or you're an advanced

Acting Classes Toronto

Whether you're staring out, already on the acting journey, or you're an advance Whether you're staring out, already on the acting journey, or you're an advanced he acting journey, or you're an advanced

Acting Instructor


Brad Milne

Head Coach & Founder

Led by Brad Milne, whom helped cultivate and launch the careers of more than 100 actors through the 1300+ acting classes he has given to 1200+ actors in just the past 7 years. Milne Studio's. Brad Milne is the founder and lead instructor at Milne Studio and the Toronto Acting School. His keen eye for spotting and cultivating talent comes from his 300+ career projects as an actor and creator, and having coached over 2000 actors in over 2000 of his various school and studio classes. Actor, entrepreneur, producer, director and coach with 275+ Acting assignments in the past 30 years coupled with 20 successful years experience as an acting coach. Overseeing the day to day operations at Milne Studio and Toronto Acting School, he has worked from concept to completion on feature films, TV-Pilots, commercial campaigns, corporate video libraries and more. His coaching of others started in sports as a teen when he guided freestyle skiers to championship levels through his training camps. Less than a decade later and after acquiring his own title of Canadian National Amateur Champion in his freestyle skiing discipline he applied his coaching skills to business where he helped foster success for individuals and companies of all sizes through sales, business development and strategic consulting. From these combined experiences Brad brings a holistic understanding of the artistic and entrepreneurial aspects of the acting career and it’s intricate craft.


All of the criteria I look for in a solid studio.

I’ve attended many acting schools throughout my life, and it’s always a mixed bag when you try a new place– is it going to be a great place to learn? Will I take away real practical skills? Will the environment be safe and respectful? I found Milne Studios through Google, and had all of these questions before I attended. I can confidently say that all of the criteria I look for in a solid studio are here. There are options for in-person and online classes so students are able to learn in the most comfortable way possible for them. Those newer to acting will appreciate the gentle but informed guidance of teachers who do not shy away from technique based exercises too often ignored by film and television schools. Those who have been in the game longer will appreciate the reconnection with fundamentals we so often forget, in addition to the kind of screen training we’re used to. Advanced classes are an opportunity to keep your camera skills sharp, and make new discoveries. If you’re already a professional, then this is a great place to keep active. If, like me, your life is a bit too busy at the moment for regular classes, then the private coaching option is a wonderful opportunity to explore your craft and keep sharp.

Amanda Joy / Actor, Writer, Producer, Show Runner..